What is differences of RGB and RGBIC?

Many people will not know how to choose when buying LED strip lights, especially on RGB and RGBIC products. Then their differences will be briefly elaborated next.

RGB’s LED strip:

  • It is composed of red, green and blue three colors.
  • Each change of color only a single color, can not be a variety of color combination changes.
  • It is also relatively single control mode, generally 3/6/9/20/24/40 Jian controller and remote control

RGBIC LED strip lights:

  1. It is also composed of red, green and blue three colors, but every 1/3/6 beads will add an IC, IC is its biggest advantage.
  2. In addition to taking into account the conventional RGB change mode, there are different combinations of lighting changes, you can achieve the chasing light and dazzling effect.
  3. The controller and remote control has also become more, you can achieve simple and complex DMX control effects, programming also applies to it. But pay attention to the IC model to prevent incompatibility.

If you are choosing to buy them, just know whether you need digital effects.


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