How To Use the LED Strip Lights For Office Designs?

Maybe you will think that the use of lighting is very simple, you only need to buy some LED light strips in the market or online and install them.
Yes, I thought so too at first. But via visiting different offices all over the world, I found that good lighting design can create a comfortable working or communication atmosphere. Make your thoughts less restless and anxious.
Next, I will elaborate through the following content, how to choose a light strip for the office.

What kind of lighting should we choose for our ceiling?

  • The light on the ceiling needs a certain brightness to meet its lighting needs.
  • Try to choose 4000K-6500K for the light color, so that the display will be brighter.
  • Try not to choose RGB color light strips, it should be an office place.

What kind of lighting should we choose for our bookcase or office filing cabinet?

  1. The bookcase is not the main lighting place, and the brightness can be appropriately reduced. For example, it is more appropriate to use a 3528 light strip.
  2. The lighting should be around 2700K, which can have a warm effect and is very comfortable.
  3. You can choose to install a dimmer. When you want to take a nap, you can turn off the main light and dim the lights of the bookcase to 30%, isn’t it very suitable!

How to choose the quality of the lamp belt lamp?

Please pay attention to the following points:

  • Try to choose a 3-5-year warranty, the quality is guaranteed, and you don’t need to change the light belt frequently.
  • When checking the color of the lamp beads, choose the one with a small BIN area, so that the color consistency is good, and there will be no situation where one section is bright and the other is dark.
  • Because we often look at different documents, especially the designer’s office, the color rendering must be RA>90, and the color reproduction will be high.

These are some simple suggestions. Decoration still has to choose different plans according to different people and places.


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