How to install led strip of low voltage?

Here is the installation of led strip:

  1. Clean the installation surface before installation.
  2. Installation guide for product with 3M double-side adhesive tape
    • Remove the double-sided adhesive’s release paper pasted on the back side of the flexible LED strip(Refer to Picture 1).
    • Stick the product to the installation surface(Refer to Picture 2).
  3. Installation guide for products which need to be installed which the install clips (equipped with the products).
    • Take the flexible LED strip and the install snaps out.
    • Stick the flexible strip to the install surface and fix the clips . The user can use M3*6 to fix the product as Picture 3.
    • Complete installation as Picture 4.
picture 1
picture 2
picture 3
picture 4

The way to connect with power or driver:

  1. After fixing the strip to the install surface, connect the power cord to the output of the power adapter(DC side), and make it insulating. Usually, red wire connect to positive end(+) and black wire to negative end (-) (refer to Picture 5 with red marked).
  2. Connect the power adapter to the power source (AC side) after the product cable installation is completed(refer to Picture 6 with red marked).
Picture 5: connect the power cord to the power adapter
Picture 6: connect the power cord to the power adapter


  1. Do not install while the electricity cables are live.
  2. Do not touch or press the LED surface during transportation and installation.
  3. Do not open the inner packaging before deciding whether or not you will use the product.

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