High Voltage Led Strip Installation

How to install or cut and connect high voltage led strip?

When installing and connecting high-voltage LED strips, many people make mistakes that result in unusable or even damage to the LED strip. The next shows you how to install and connect through several steps.

What should you prepare in advance?

  1. Power line code for connecting with power and led strip side. Note that it is not a power supply, or a rectifier bridge, high voltage electrical input, high voltage electrical output. Picture01
  2. You need pin, end cap, clips, screws and some glue. Picture02.
  3. One Middle connector is must if you need to connect with led strip or when you cut off the broken led strips. Picture 03
Picture 01
Picture 02
Picture 03

When you cut the high voltage led strip and connect it, how to do?

  • Cut the lights with middle blank, cut and clean. Shall not remain, glitches, avoid short circuits. Picture 04
  • Glue two sides of led strips and connector. Picture 05
  • Take the middle connector to adjustment, lead and push into each side. Picture 06
Picture 04
Picture 05
Picture 06

For power line code side and end cup:

  • Distinguish the positive and negative ,adjustment lead , insert the pin and glue the led strip side. Note: if it’s hard to insert, please loose with one pin first and then two pin. Picture 07
  • Push the pin into the jack. Please connect to 220v/110v to see the strip is light or not. If not, please turn the positive and negative side and insert again. Picture 08
  • Insert the end cap to prevent leakage of electricity. And then fill with glue for strip side. Picture 09
  • Fix the clips over the led strip, screw the clips into the flat wall. Picture 10
Picture 07
Picture 08
Picture 09
Picture 10

Some notes or warnings for using high voltage led strips:

  1. Please don’t light the strip over 1 minute when it is rolled or piled up or unpacked.
  2. The strip can only be cut in the interspace of each whole meter ac220v or of half meter ac110v,if not, the whole meter of the lamp may not light.
  3. Don’t switch on during installing and using.
  4. During installing and using, do not pound the strips, put heavy things over it, or throw it.
  5. At the end of the strip light, there must be end cup covered and also sticked by silicon sealant. No water in the package during outdoor application.
  6. Only two strip lights are of the same specification and driver can be linked together. And the total length cannot exceed the maximum permissible length.
  7. Do not use iron wire or other metal things to fix the strip light, for fear that the the iron wire will stab into the lamp and cause problems like short out, electric leakage, etc.
  8. Please do not wrap the strip during using, to make sure the heat dissipation.
  9. Can not be installed in the water, or flammable and combustible environment. Please ensure the operating surroundings are well ventilated.

The final effect is shown in the picture.

Hope this article is helpful to you. If there are corrections needed, please feel free to leave a comment.


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